• Cancer Lip Gloss

    Who doesn't love peaches and cream? This peach nude gloss is stunning with a brown lip liner!

  • Leo Lip Gloss

    This mango starfruit glitter gloss is divine! Make it through the summer heat with this gold shimmer gloss!

  • Virgo Lip Gloss

    Make a statement wearing this pigmented, stunning purple with a sweet jasmine flower scent!

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  • Silk Serum

    Gently balance your skin - reduce oily skin, deeply moisturise dry skin, soothe acne, and more!

  • Mélange Serum

    Soothe sensitive and inflamed skin, seal in moisture, and aid in reducing hyperpigmentation.

  • Peaches and Cream Body Butter

    Deeply moisturise your dry skin with this luxuriously soft cream. There's plenty of scents to choose from!

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